In this busy day and age, time is a scarce resource to be protected and treasured. Every moment spent in the kitchen is a moment you could have had with your loved ones. That’s where we come in. At Modern Mum we do all the prep work so you can go straight to the part that really matters.

All produce received are filtered, cut, thoroughly washed, packed and sealed fresh for your convenience. With our stringent standards, quality supply and all natural process you are guaranteed to receive only the best.

We partner with you in the kitchen by providing recipes, meal ideas, tips and tricks that you can use to make great meals for your loved ones. Surprise them with creative meals that take little effort to make. Cooking isn’t a chore when it’s with us!

So save time, eat fresh and have fun in the kitchen with Modern Mum today. Just open, cook & enjoy!

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What Our Customers Say!
Fresh and convenient! Love it when all I need to do while making porridge is to open up the packet and pour the fresh cut pumpkin into the pot. No more wasting time washing & cutting!- chaichai Redmart
No More Cutting The Fat Pumpkin! Bought 2 packs today and made a pot of fragrant pumpkin rice mixed with shredded carrot and dried shrimp. Came chilled and vacuum packed. Each 350g pack contains about 46 pieces. All nicely cut and trimmed. Fresh,hygienic & tasty!- cottonecrew Redmart
Perfect for quick dinners! Love this product for its convenience. Quality is good and no black spots that you usually find on cauliflowers. As the product is already washed, as stated, I just gave it a quick rinse under the tap and it was good to go.- lulub Redmart
Convenient Product! Am super impressed by this product as it saves a lot of time for me when I come back from work and need to prepare dinner for my husband and I. Complements all my dinner meals well! Highly recommended.- faith21 Redmart
Convenient & Fresh Product! Product is good and fresh, saves me a lot of time because I really like sweet potato but I am lazy to prepare it for roasting in the oven. Often have to wash off all the dirt when I buy but this comes already cubed and all I need is to pop it in. Will re-purchase for sure!- CleanTee Redmart

All Modern Mum Products are Cut & Washed in Singapore!

Modern Mum is available on Redmart and all major NTUC Outlets!